Give any amount, today, to 2 special projects in Sri Lanka!

I’ve never made one of my causes public, not even Give2Asia.  And due to age more than anything, I’ve never been a racer for causes.

But this year, we have a cause: helping some of those most in need in Sri Lanka, and I ask you to take 5 minutes to give $25, $50, or any amount to the Tsunami Renewal Fund (

Sri Lanka was the first stop for this T+10 personal research project exploring the philanthropic legacy of the 2004 tsunami.  It was a remarkable trip, and if you haven’t seen it, check out the trip video we are so proud of:; thanks to Mayra Padilla for all her insights and photo/videography.

Conflict still divides Sri Lanka, and while the war is over and things are markedly better, there remain disparities between the Sinhalese/Buddhist South and the former Tamil conflict zone in the North and East.

We can’t solve these problems but we know two organizations that can help families and youth in different ways.  More detail is in the previous post, and we are raising just $10,000 for 2 projects: the FOUNDATION OF GOODNESS and the 181 individuals in Neethipuram Village to the North, and SRI LANKA UNITES, which works with youth on reconciliation across the country.

In addition to what we’ve put into Tsunami+10, we’ve made our own gifts to the Tsunami Renewal Fund (  My 3:1 match from work helps!

Why now and why Sri Lanka?  There are some things you give to simply because of inequality and great need.  Neethipuram counts, with families earning barely $100/mo and the traumas of conflict fresh.  We know exactly where our funds will go and who they’ll help.  These are gifts for concrete hope, into a tough but ready environment, and we know that FOG has complementary commitments in the village and the North.  We can trust both organizations to keep us updated over time.  

This once (and perhaps next year for Aceh, Indonesia!), give what you can, and any amount matters.  The TSUNAMI RENEWAL FUND is only for grantees and programs (not Tsunami+10 itself), and is tax deductible.  Click:

In any event, best wishes!

Mike, with Mayra

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